Monday, 8 July 2013

A creative is a process in which the designing of extraordinary graphics is usually done to attract more and more consumers towards the product. Its one of the most use is website designing. It can also be defined as the art of designing images for typical presentations and visual communication. For creating these presentations, various methods are used such as visual art, page layout etc.

Graphic design have various uses which includes the product’s branding, designing of logos, for the purpose of publications of books, brouchers, newspapers, magazines etc. graphic designing is mostly importantly used by various advertising agencies and is also used in product’s presentation.


With the help of graphic designing one can sell his product through effective and attractive graphic design which is applied on the product logos, colors and packaging of products. Overall these are together called branding.

"Branding has become more important in the last few decades among the services that are provided by the graphic design companies."

Graphic designing is also used in designing text books for primary students as well as for secondary class students. Text books of the subjects such as physics, chemistry, geography, biology are made attractive by effective graphics so that student becomes interested in the learning of these subjects.

Graphic designing is also used in the field of entertainment which includes decorative scenery and multimedia storytelling. Another example of the art of graphic designing includes comic books, interesting novels, covers of DVDs, film making and also includes the drawing on T-shirts and other printed items for sale.

This type of designing is also used in scientific journals and in news reporting. The thoughtful ideas, opinions, presentations and visual information can also be improved by using graphics. Effective graphics can also be used in newspapers, blogs, magazines and TV to inform and entertain and due to these various uses graphic design business is running worldwide.

Graphic designing has a bright scope in near future and many students are attracting towards this stream since last five years. This business is profitable as every new company wants a perfect graphic designer for its product before launching it into the market. Ever the question comes in mind that can we differentiate graphic design and website design

Actually, Graphic designers are also required for web designing so as to make the web pages more attractive and effective which makes the consumer attracted towards your website and your web pages. Overall we can say that graphic designing is required for every new business. Hence, it's proofed that graphic design is importance in advertising field


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