Tuesday, 17 September 2013

There is a big difference between old and new marketing strategies. Old Marketing strategy depended on the particular formula that was:

Such factors that made a reason to convert the old strategy into new one:

1. Company organizes the product themselves and promote through the traditional concepts.

2. At that time, transaction become the other profitable issue rather than the customer life time value.

3. Instead of, working on customer satisfaction, Company organizers focuses on earning money by gaining much profit by providing least to employees,  suppliers and distributors.

4. The main target was to focus on making the brand through advertising rather than quality and performance.

5. Most of Companies strategy was to focus on customer assumption rather than customer acquisition.

 Now, if we talk about the new and modern strategies to attract and make long life value customer then we'll see that new techniques consider a major formula:


Though, there is a tough competition in the market and users become more aware before conceding any product, you need to be qualitative rather than quantitative.

Few factors that builds a strong Marketing plan and management of the better customer Relationship:

1. Focus on Product Quality rather than bulk of quantity. From Customer point of view, your product first impression will decide that it'll be long executing product or worst overall.

2.  Today, there is no time for customer to go outside and select manually. Instead S/He only consider to online shopping (can say E commerce) and more importantly buyers are only one click far to compare prices and product merits demerits.

3. Offers and Discounts make a big difference and visitors will auto come to your website. Besides this, home delivery facility make you reliable in customer's eyes.

4. Strive hard to promote your website and products through both mediums: Internet and manual process. Few points are there through which you can promote efficiently in Online medium:

  • Facebook Advertisement
  • Banner Advertisement in Various high PR websites
  • Pay Per Click 
  • Promote online through SMO (Social Media Optimization) activities
  • Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for organic searches in Google, Bing and as well as other search engines. 
Another promotion medium in Manual process: 
  • Promote your product through Posters, Banners and Hording.
  • Small Catalogue, Pamphlet and Brochure effects indirectly very much. 
  • Magazines and Newspaper ads, Flyers, Bill-Board

By understanding the customer's actual need and reading all those above techniques, you can get a good business revenue for now and for long time relationship with customers.



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